Visitors and Carers What Can I Bring?


Our hospital prides itself on our meal service to meet the nutritional needs of our patients. All meals are prepared onsite in our hospital kitchen, and we encourage patients to eat breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner in our dining room. If you bring food into hospital, it must be in accordance with our strict infection control guidelines for food safety. All food that needs refrigeration must be labelled with the patient's name, date and time and provided to our Hotel Services staff. All potentially hazardous food items must be consumed within 24 hours, or it will be discarded daily at 9:00am, including containers.


All prescribed and over-the-counter patient medications, including paracetamol, vitamins and oral contraceptives, must be given to nursing staff on admission to hospital. If a patient asks you to bring in medication, please speak with the nursing staff.

Flowers and Gifts

Please consider the following, so that the safety of our patients is not compromised. Flowers must not have any materials that may put patients at risk, including wire, yarn or ribbon. We can supply vases for patient use. If you are unsure, please phone the Clinic in advance to ensure your gift is not refused.