Wellness and Recovery Centre Information

Bethesda Clinic offers a range of therapeutic programs to support patients. Our day patient programs can be used as an alternative to admission, or as part of a relapse preventative plan to support discharge from hospital. Please access Our Services - Wellness and Recovery Centre for details.

How do I access the Wellness and Recovery Centre Programs?

  • If you are not currently under the care of one of our accredited psychiatric consultants, ask your doctor or specialist to refer you to the Bethesda Clinic - Wellness and Recovery Centre. Your doctor can access the referral link here.
  • If you are currently a patient at Bethesda Clinic, please discuss being referred to a program with your nurse and/or treating psychiatrist. Your psychiatrist will provide a referral to the Wellness and Recovery Centre, in collaboration with you, if deemed beneficial to your mental health recovery.
  • All patients will undergo an assessment by a member of the therapy team prior to commencing a program.
  • A Wellness and Recovery Centre clinician will contact you to confirm your program start date after your assessment.